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Creative Operations

With over 16 years of professional experience, I am a highly accomplished Marketing & Creative Operations Manager, known for my proficiency in managing a diverse range of projects and programs. My expertise extends to client-facing creative initiatives, where I have consistently delivered outstanding results by combining a unique blend of skills and a strategic approach. My academic background, including a Bachelor of Business & Marketing degree, Six Sigma Process Improvement certification, and Visual Communication program certificate, underscores my qualifications and commitment to excellence in this field.


One of my core competencies lies in my leadership and stakeholder management abilities. Throughout my career, I have excelled in empowering project owners, leading teams, and ensuring the smooth progression of projects. This was particularly evident during my tenure as a Senior Creative Program Manager at QuidelOrtho, where I oversaw a portfolio of 85 concurrent projects. Through reorganizing department workflows and implementing change-management techniques, I tripled productivity and significantly increased on-time project delivery rates, reaching an impressive 73%.


Furthermore, my skills in process improvement, change management, and workflow optimization have proven invaluable in driving efficiency and enhancing cross-departmental collaboration. At West Coast University, I successfully managed client relationships and projects while spearheading internal process improvements through process mapping and change management. Notably, I restructured email creation processes, introducing templates and intake forms that led to a faster and error-free workflow for email campaigns.


My experience also includes a role as a Marketing Project Manager at Petco Health & Wellness Company, where I implemented a comprehensive project management system to streamline intake, evaluation, execution, and cross-team communication. This system enhanced visibility, progress tracking, and communication with executives, clients, and vendors, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.


At Growing Naturals Plant Proteins, I undertook the role of a Creative Services Cross-Channel Program Manager, overseeing daily operations for multiple programs, including packaging lines, print libraries, international tradeshows, and web programs. My ability to manage cross-functional teams, coordinate with suppliers and production partners, and implement automation tools contributed to the successful delivery of high-quality projects within set timelines.


My commitment to ongoing education and professional development is evident in my Six Sigma Green Belt certification and PMP certification from PMI, which further enhance my skills in quality assurance and project management.


In summary, I bring to the table a wealth of experience and a unique skill set that combines leadership, project management, process improvement, and stakeholder engagement. I am a dedicated Marketing & Creative Operations Manager with a proven track record of enhancing productivity, client satisfaction, and overall project success through innovation and effective management strategies. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to a thriving organization and champion creative initiatives in the future.

Creative Operations for Agencies
Extensive printing experience
Variety of Petco projects managed
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