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in2ride's ATV Program Management


In2Ride - Electric All Terrain Vehicles






As the Program Manager at In2Ride, my role was instrumental in driving the successful introduction and growth of innovative electric all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to the United States market, and later to Europe and the Middle East. In this dynamic role, I led a portfolio of three key programs: Import and Distribution, Sales and Demos, and Digital and Print Marketing, each encompassing an intricate web of interdependent projects. 


The Import and Distribution program was essential in establishing In2Ride's presence in 34 states within a mere two months, targeting a diverse range of clients, including Police Stations, Universities, Bomb Squads, Private Security, Offroad Adventure, Tourism, Mobility, and the TV and Movie production industry in major hubs like Georgia and Los Angeles. This required meticulous planning, resource allocation, and the management of evolving libraries of graphical assets and copy to cater to the ever-evolving brand image.


The Sales and Demos program aimed at showcasing the versatility and benefits of In2Ride's ATVs. It involved coordinating numerous projects, including sales initiatives and demo events, ensuring that potential clients across different sectors experienced the ATVs firsthand. Effective change management and stakeholder communication were vital in tailoring these experiences to the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.


The Digital and Print Marketing program played a pivotal role in the company's growth, with a focus on consistently and powerfully conveying In2Ride's messaging. From website development to social media campaigns, print materials, and digital advertising, this program involved hundreds of projects that required close monitoring and adherence to high-quality standards.


Throughout these programs, risk management and continuous process improvement were key aspects of my role. The successful expansion of In2Ride to international markets, including Europe and the Middle East, stands as a testament to the strategic alignment, resource management, and dedication to quality assurance that characterized my work as a Program Manager. My ability to coordinate and oversee the complex interplay of projects and departments contributed to the attainment of specific strategic objectives and the broader business initiative that In2Ride aimed to achieve.



Import | Storage | Customer Distribution | Service

As the Program Manager responsible for the Import and Distribution program at In2Ride, my role was a pivotal driver in the successful introduction of electric all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) with lithium-ion batteries to the U.S. market. This program was a complex and multifaceted endeavor, encompassing a wide array of critical tasks. 


First and foremost, meticulous planning and coordination were essential in navigating the intricate process of importing these electric vehicles. This included obtaining the necessary approvals, managing the logistics of freight, and ensuring comprehensive insurance coverage throughout the entire journey. Upon arrival, the program extended to the reception, storage, and transport of these vehicles, guaranteeing their safe and efficient handling.


Equally important was the subsequent distribution process, where In2Ride's dedication to customer satisfaction shone. It involved not only delivering the ATVs and accessories but also providing comprehensive instructions, training, and ensuring ongoing maintenance and service as required. This customer-centric approach was crucial in building trust and confidence in the In2Ride brand and its commitment to delivering high-quality electric vehicles. My role as the Program Manager for Import and Distribution was a symphony of strategic planning, effective communication, and meticulous execution, all contributing to the successful market entry and growth of In2Ride's innovative ATVs.


Customer Resource Management | Live Demos

As the Program Manager for the Sales and Demos program at In2Ride, my role was instrumental in cultivating brand awareness and fostering trust among a diverse range of clients. The program involved a two-pronged approach: meticulously organized sales efforts and engaging live demonstrations. 


In the realm of sales, I oversaw the creation and management of comprehensive lists for cold calling, enabling a proactive outreach strategy. Coordinating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts, I ensured that leads were efficiently tracked and followed up, maintaining a seamless dialogue with potential clients. The program also featured targeted CRM email campaigns, tailored to specific demographic segments, catering to the unique preferences and needs of various customer groups.


On the demo front, my role extended to organizing live demonstrations for law enforcement agencies, universities, private security firms, offroad tourism companies, and other potential clients. I was responsible for orchestrating the logistics of bringing demo vehicles to strategic locations, such as Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California, where on-site demonstrations augmented our sales efforts. These interactive demos were a powerful tool for showcasing the capabilities and advantages of In2Ride's electric vehicles.


The Sales and Demos program was a finely-tuned orchestration of strategic outreach, database management, and compelling on-site presentations. My role played a crucial part in In2Ride's ability to create strong customer relationships, cultivate interest, and ultimately convert leads into successful sales transactions, reinforcing our position in the electric all-terrain vehicle market.


E-commerce | Social Media | Print

As the Program Manager responsible for overseeing the Marketing program at In2Ride, my role was instrumental in crafting a dynamic and compelling brand narrative that catered to a diverse array of customer segments, each with unique sub-brand identities, messaging, and graphics. This program spanned both print and digital realms, and it involved the design and production of an extensive range of assets. From eye-catching flyers and brochures to captivating graphics, video series, and engaging social media campaigns, every element was meticulously crafted to resonate with the distinct needs and preferences of various segments, which included Police Stations, Universities, Bomb Squads, Private Security, Offroad Adventure, Tourism, Mobility, and the TV and Movie production industry.


Our commitment to delivering tailored content extended to an elegantly designed website, a hub of information that provided users with comprehensive details on our vehicles, video guides, and e-commerce capabilities. Additionally, we employed precision in targeting, ensuring that each segment, not just within all 50 U.S. states but also across the globe, received separate social media ad campaigns. These ad campaigns were strategically placed to meet customers wherever they shopped or sought adventure, strengthening In2Ride's presence across diverse markets. My role as Program Manager for the Marketing program was marked by versatility, creativity, and meticulous coordination, all contributing to the company's ability to convey its message effectively and successfully engage a broad and diverse audience.

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