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Program Management - Growing Naturals Plant Proteins


Growing Naturals Plant Proteins






As the Program Manager at Growing Naturals, I held a pivotal role in the planning, execution, and oversight of a comprehensive set of programs designed to propel our plant proteins and natural products retail business to new heights. At the heart of my responsibilities was the coordination and management of multiple projects, each intricately interwoven, all contributing to the realization of our broader strategic business initiatives. This involved a multifaceted range of tasks and skills that were critical in steering the ship towards our objectives.


Strategic Planning:

One of my core responsibilities was to work closely with senior management to define and align our program's goals with Growing Naturals' overarching mission. We set our sights on catering to a diverse customer base, including vegans, individuals with celiac disease, bodybuilders, and those embracing healthy living lifestyles. Through careful planning, we identified the areas where our flavored rice and pea proteins and other natural products could make a meaningful impact.


Program Definition:

In order to bring our strategic vision to life, I carefully outlined the scope and boundaries of the program. We categorized our efforts into four main programs: Packaging, Print, Tradeshows, and Digital. Each program was comprised of hundreds of interdependent projects, all operating on different timelines and spanning multiple departments. These projects were critical in evolving our brand, ensuring we met the unique needs of our diverse customer base.


Resource Management:

The successful execution of these programs depended on resource allocation, and I was responsible for meticulously managing budgets, personnel, and equipment across the board. This included ensuring that the various projects within each program had the resources they needed to thrive, evolve, and meet their respective goals.


Risk Management:

I was vigilant in identifying and addressing risks, making it a priority to assess and mitigate potential challenges that could arise throughout the program's lifecycle. From supply chain disruptions to evolving customer expectations, anticipating and managing risks was crucial for our success.


Change Management:

Given the dynamic nature of the retail industry, I frequently encountered changes in program objectives or scope. I handled these changes with adaptability and foresight, assessing their impact and facilitating seamless transitions while keeping stakeholders informed.


Stakeholder Communication:

Effective communication with our internal and external stakeholders was paramount. I ensured that the evolving needs and expectations of our customer base, departments, and partners were not only understood but consistently addressed. Clear and transparent communication was key to our success.


Program Progress Tracking:

To maintain a clear line of sight on our program's progress, I established comprehensive monitoring and reporting mechanisms. These allowed us to collect and analyze data, providing regular updates to senior management and enabling data-driven decision-making. Key performance indicators (KPIs) were our compass in assessing progress.


Continuous Process Improvement:

In a rapidly evolving market, I continually sought opportunities to enhance our program management processes. We learned from both successes and challenges encountered during program execution, driving us toward greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Quality Assurance:

The quality of our products and services was of utmost importance. I set up stringent quality control processes to ensure that the program's deliverables consistently met the high standards Growing Naturals is known for.


In conclusion, my role as Program Manager at Growing Naturals was an intricate blend of strategic planning, resource allocation, risk management, change facilitation, stakeholder communication, program monitoring, continuous improvement, and quality assurance. Within a dynamic and competitive market, this role was pivotal in steering our programs towards the successful realization of our strategic goals, catering to a diverse and evolving customer base, and reinforcing Growing Naturals' position as a leader in plant proteins and natural products retail.



45 SKUs | 5 Languages | Flex and Offset Printing

This program encompassed a comprehensive spectrum of tasks, including the design and development of packaging labels, boxes, and single-serve packaging. I meticulously managed PMS color choices to maintain consistent branding across all our products, while also incorporating branding updates to keep our image fresh and appealing to our diverse customer base. We introduced new packaging sizes to cater to varying customer preferences and made sure that these updates seamlessly integrated with new dielines for production efficiency. The introduction of new flavors demanded careful consideration to ensure our branding remained consistent across all products, and I oversaw version control and legal reviews to guarantee compliance.


The heart of this program involved the intricacies of large-volume flexographic, offset, and digital printing, ensuring the highest quality output for our packaging materials. Beyond the domestic market, translation and application into multiple languages were necessary to reach international customers effectively. My role extended to creating detailed schedules and timelines, ensuring that all components, from labels to boxes, were delivered on time to our fulfillment facilities. Program managing the Packaging Program was a dynamic and diverse challenge that required precision, creativity, and effective coordination to maintain Growing Naturals' strong brand presence and meet the ever-evolving needs of our customer base.


7 Annual trade shows | 10'x20' Booth & Tabletops

In my role as the Program Manager overseeing the Tradeshow Program at Growing Naturals, I orchestrated a dynamic and multi-faceted strategy to ensure a powerful and consistent brand presence at major industry events such as the annual Natural Products Expo, hosting over 70,000 attendees, and six other tabletop shows throughout the year. This entailed a comprehensive array of print and digital collateral, including product brochures, sell sheets, signs, point-of-purchase displays, sample packaging, videos, website landing pages, CRM campaigns, and social media strategies. To achieve success, I meticulously planned and executed the creation and delivery of these varied deliverables, all with interdependent timelines and distinct delivery dates set by multiple production partners.

Managing these trade shows for 9 years was an intricate symphony of logistics and creative coordination. I oversaw the production of booth graphics and ensured that the products and messaging were seamlessly integrated into the booth construction. The challenge lay in ensuring that our brand's presence and message remained uniform across various touchpoints, from print to digital, aligning with our established marketing and branding guidelines. Navigating different deadlines and diverse production partners, my role was pivotal in orchestrating a synchronized and impactful presence at these industry events, solidifying Growing Naturals' position and reputation in a highly competitive market landscape.


87 Print Collateral | Digital and Offset Printing

As the Program Manager responsible for overseeing the Print Program at Growing Naturals, I navigated a complex landscape of printed materials essential to our marketing and sales efforts worldwide. This program encompassed a diverse range of print collateral, including company brochures, product brochures, product sell sheets, white papers, and trifold brochures, each tailored to specific demographics such as bodybuilders, vegans, and post-bariatric surgery patients. A critical component of my role was ensuring that every piece of print material adhered to our brand's visual identity and messaging standards. This required meticulous tracking with version numbers, rigorous legal reviews, and the implementation of consistent changes to language or nutritional facts across our entire print library, guaranteeing uniformity and accuracy.

To maintain the quality and consistency of our print materials, I managed a network of both local and overseas printers, utilizing both offset and digital printing techniques. This ensured the preservation of color integrity and adherence to the specified paper types, irrespective of where the materials were produced. My role as the Program Manager for the Print Program was instrumental in presenting Growing Naturals as a reliable and credible source for a broad customer base, requiring the orchestration of multiple components and partners to achieve our marketing and sales objectives worldwide.


E-commerce | Social Media | Video Series | CRM
In my capacity as the Program Manager responsible for the Digital Program at Growing Naturals, I undertook a multifaceted role that spanned the entire digital landscape. This program encompassed the creation of engaging and informative video series, with the shooting and editing of content that highlighted our products and the benefits they offer to our diverse customer base. We maintained active and vibrant YouTube channels that became hubs of valuable information for our audience, drawing them into our brand's story.


Beyond video content, I orchestrated a comprehensive array of digital initiatives, including social media campaigns that fostered community engagement and brand loyalty. Building and maintaining multiple websites, landing pages, recipe pages, and e-commerce platforms was a crucial aspect of our digital program. These online assets not only showcased our products but also facilitated seamless customer experiences. Simultaneously, we expanded our presence on platforms like Amazon, tapping into broader markets. In addition, I led CRM email campaigns tailored to multiple groups of customers and prospects, ensuring that our messaging was highly personalized and relevant. The Digital Program was instrumental in enhancing Growing Naturals' online presence, elevating our brand, and strengthening customer connections in an ever-evolving digital landscape. My role required versatility, adaptability, and an astute understanding of the digital ecosystem to successfully reach and engage our audience.

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