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MMA Plant Protein Study featured on ESPN


MMA Fighters Video Series & Website – Plant vs Animal Proteins Study

Project Description

In my role as the Senior Creative Project Manager, I spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative for a natural products company, an initiative that resonated far and wide as it made its debut on ESPN. The heart of this endeavor was a double-blind study of utmost significance, aptly named "The Plant Vs Animal Protein Challenge." Over the course of 6 weeks, 11 elite MMA fighters ventured into uncharted territory by participating in the world's inaugural professional athlete evaluation of rice protein versus whey protein.


The intricacies of this study were compelling. Six fighters embarked on a daily regimen of rice protein, while five were entrusted with whey protein. Their training conditions remained meticulously identical, ensuring a level playing field. The culmination of this rigorous exploration astoundingly revealed that the advantages of rice protein matched those of whey protein, an outcome that reverberated throughout the industry.


My distinct expertise was summoned to bring this narrative to life. I was entrusted with the creation of a captivating 4-part video series, designed to engage and enthrall a broad audience that included MMA and UFC enthusiasts, as well as consumers seeking optimal protein solutions. My mission was to convey the journey in a manner that was not only informative but also entertaining and accessible, a task I executed with precision.


Moreover, I meticulously curated special visuals that evoked the dynamism of an MMA ring, providing a visual feast that seamlessly accompanied each of the "4 rounds" within the series. The harmonious infusion of fight-style music further elevated the impact, amplifying the narrative's resonance with the viewers. The crowning achievement of this project was its coveted place on ESPN, underscoring the significance of my role as the orchestrator of this remarkable video series.

Project Details

Video Series, Landing Page

Skills Applied:
Project timeline and milestone planning, creative team management, branding, video shoot and editing, digital assets design, UX, landing page programming & launch

Plant vs Animal: Part 1

Plant vs Animal: Part 2

Plant vs Animal: Part 3

Plant vs Animal: Part 4

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