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Annual Tradeshow Booth Program

Project Description

In the fast-paced world of the food and ingredient industry, the annual Supply Side West and Supply Side East trade shows are a cornerstone for businesses to showcase their latest innovations, products, and capabilities. With 70,000 attendees and 1,300 exhibitors at each show, making a lasting impression is no small feat. As a Program Manager at Axiom Foods, I had the unique opportunity to oversee the planning, strategy, design, production, and construction of our tradeshow booth for these massive events. In this blog post, I will share the journey of how program management, timelines, project management skills, stakeholder management, change management techniques, and Six Sigma process improvement skills were instrumental in increasing efficiency and reducing workload and errors, ultimately leading to a successful booth program that showcased our new products and capabilities to the world.




Before diving into the journey, it's essential to understand the challenges we faced. Axiom Foods is a leading provider of plant-based ingredients, constantly innovating to meet the evolving needs of the food industry. Each year, we participate in the Supply Side West and East trade shows, which means not only showcasing our existing products but also introducing new ones. Our booth program encompassed a plethora of deliverables, including:


1. Finished Tradeshow Booth Elements: These were designed and printed to create an inviting and informative booth space.

2. Corporate Brochure: An updated brochure highlighting our core values and product offerings.

3. Multiple Product Sell Sheets: Designed to focus on specific products and their benefits.

4. CRM Campaign: An announcement campaign to inform our clients and prospects of our participation and new products.

5. Magazine Ads: Designed to raise awareness and interest.

6. New Product Spec Sheets: Offering detailed information on the newly launched products.

7. Product Packaging: Updated designs and information for all our products.

8. Corporate Videos: Showcasing our manufacturing processes and product quality.

9. Landing Pages and Website Updates: Highlighting our new products and capabilities.

10. Various Booth Collateral: Such as signs, sample cards, business cards, and more.


Our goal was to make our booth not only visually appealing but also highly informative, offering visitors a glimpse and a taste of our new products, a comfortable meeting space, and sampling locations that showcased our products' excellence.




1. Program Management: The key to our success was implementing a comprehensive program management approach. This involved creating a detailed plan that encompassed all the deliverables, assigning responsibilities, and setting clear timelines. Our team was aligned with a shared vision of the booth's success.


2. Project Management Skills: A robust project management system ensured that each task was tracked and completed on time. Project managers kept a close eye on the progress of each deliverable and made necessary adjustments to meet deadlines.


3. Stakeholder Management: We recognized the importance of keeping all stakeholders, both internal and external, in the loop. Regular communication and updates ensured that everyone was aligned with the booth's objectives and progress.


4. Change Management Techniques: With constant changes and iterations in design and content, change management techniques were crucial. We established clear change request processes and ensured that any changes were thoroughly assessed for their impact on the project's timeline and scope.


5. Six Sigma Process Improvement Skills: Our team used Six Sigma principles to identify and eliminate errors and inefficiencies throughout the project. This led to smoother processes and a reduction in last-minute changes and rework.




The booth program we implemented, not once but twice a year, was a resounding success. Our booth offered attendees a unique experience that showcased our innovation and commitment to quality. We not only attracted attention with a visually stunning booth but also engaged visitors with informative collateral and the opportunity to sample our products. The program delivered on its promises and became a key platform for Axiom Foods to demonstrate its leadership in the industry.


In conclusion, effective program management, rigorous project management, stakeholder engagement, change management techniques, and Six Sigma process improvement skills were the driving forces behind the transformation of Axiom Foods' tradeshow booths. This journey not only reduced the workload and errors but also significantly increased efficiency. It allowed us to offer a glimpse and a taste of our new products, a comfortable meeting space, and informative sampling locations, solidifying our presence at the annual Supply Side West and East trade shows.

Project Details

122 Deliverables:
Finished tradeshow booth elements, corporate brochure, product sell sheets, CRM campaign, magazines ads, spec sheets, packaging, videos, landing pages and website updates, booth various collateral. 

Skills Applied:
Program planning: Complete list of deliverables, project timelines, stakeholder communication and assignments, managing production, approval gates, program obstacles and final delivery.

Tradeshow program mapping & planning

Bi-Annual Tradeshow Program Selected Delivarables

Finished tradeshow program
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