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Chris Shemza - Professional Tech Support

CHRIS SHEMZA                
Computer Tech Support Specialist

Navigating the Digital World with Children's Online Safety

Safeguarding Our Little Explorers: Navigating the Digital World with Children's Online Safety

In an age where technology is an integral part of our lives, ensuring children's safety online has become a paramount concern for parents. Understanding the trends, common problems, and misconceptions surrounding children's online safety is crucial in creating a secure digital environment for our youngest internet users.


Trends in Children's Online Safety:

Children today are digital natives, effortlessly navigating the online landscape. Social media, online gaming, and educational platforms are an integral part of their daily lives. However, this digital immersion brings about challenges such as exposure to inappropriate content, contact with online predators, and susceptibility to scams and phishing attempts.


Common Problems and Misconceptions:

One common misconception is that children are always safe online if they're using age-appropriate apps or websites. The truth is, risks exist even in seemingly harmless spaces. Misunderstanding the potential dangers can leave children vulnerable to explicit content, online harassment, and deceptive schemes.


Protecting Children Online: 

Parents can employ various tools to protect their children online. Implementing robust parental controls on computers, Macs, and iPhones is a pivotal step. These controls can restrict access to inappropriate content, monitor online activities, and set limits on screen time. 


Navigating Adult Content:

Adult content is a prevalent concern, and filtering tools play a crucial role in shielding children from explicit material. Parental controls can be customized to block or limit access to websites with inappropriate content, creating a safer online environment for children to explore.


Guarding Against Scammers and Phishing:

Children may inadvertently fall victim to scams and phishing attempts. Education is key, but parental controls can act as an additional layer of defense. These tools can block suspicious websites and prevent children from unknowingly sharing sensitive information.


Empowering Parents:

Understanding the intricacies of parental controls and screen time management is essential for parents. Empowerment comes through education, and specialists like myself specialize in adding parental controls to PCs, Macs, and iPhones. We not only install these tools but also provide comprehensive training, ensuring parents can adapt these safeguards as their children grow and their online activities evolve.



As our children continue to explore the vast digital landscape, it is our responsibility to equip them with the tools they need to navigate safely. By staying informed about the trends, addressing common problems, and dispelling misconceptions, we can create a secure online environment for our little ones. With the right knowledge and tools, parents can confidently guide their children through the digital world, fostering a healthy balance between exploration and safety.

A child safely online with parental controls

Chris Shemza - Mac and PC software support

With two decades of unwavering commitment to the world of technology, I am a seasoned PC, Mac, iPhone, and software support specialist, equipped with a solid engineering degree. My professional journey unfolds in the vibrant tech landscape of Los Angeles, where I engage with local clients face-to-face, fostering strong connections and delivering tailored solutions. Beyond geographical boundaries, I extend my expertise nationally through virtual consultations over platforms like Zoom, ensuring that clients across the country benefit from my extensive knowledge and adept problem-solving skills.


What sets me apart in the tech support realm is not just my extensive experience but also my unwavering commitment to understanding the unique needs of each client. I possess a keen ability to diagnose issues swiftly, provide effective solutions, and offer hands-on training that empowers both personal and business clients to thrive in the dynamic world of hardware and software. My friendly demeanor, honed over years of client interactions, coupled with an in-depth understanding of PCs and Macs, distinguishes me from conventional tech support services. I take pride in providing not only technical expertise but also a personal touch and patience that clients appreciate, creating an environment where they feel comfortable seeking professional support for extended periods, free from judgment. It's not just about fixing problems; it's about fostering growth and continuous improvement in my clients' technological skills and experiences.

James, happy computer support customer

James M.

I had a critical issue with my PC desktop, and Chris came to the rescue! His quick understanding of the problem, efficient solution, and patient guidance made the entire experience stress-free. Now, my computer runs smoother than ever. I highly recommend Chris for his exceptional PC tech support services!

Brittany, a happy mac laptop support customer

Brittany S.

In a moment of panic with my sluggish Mac laptop, I reached out to Chris for urgent help. His prompt response, thorough cleanup, and seamless backup process not only salvaged my precious data but also breathed new life into my Mac. Chris is the go-to expert for Mac support – reliable, knowledgeable, and incredibly efficient!

Ian, a happy iPhone screentime and parental control support customer

Ian G.

I couldn't be happier with the outstanding service provided by Chris. He not only helped me set up essential screen time and family parental controls on my son's iPhone and iPad but also guided me through activating our iCloud account. Chris possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and a friendly, patient approach that makes him the perfect choice for any tech support needs. I'm grateful for the peace of mind he has brought to our family's digital experience.

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